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Welcome to The Glass Petal Co.​​


Saving Your Precious Petals Beneath Flawless Glass​.​

We professionally press, arrange and frame your sentimental flowers. We specialize in preserving and arranging wedding bouquets.​ 


How We Got Started?


​I (Cara Fackrell) got married and wanted to preserve my wedding bouquet forever. I had looked into the pressing companies around and honestly just couldn't afford their price ranges. My bouquet wilted and dried just sitting on my dresser. I was pretty bummed and thought that no one else should feel this way. I decided to start pressing and preserving wedding bouquets of my family and friends. I was hooked! I decided I wanted to create a pressing company that is affordably priced so everyone can save their beautiful flowers forever. I invited one of my best friends (Anna Dutton) to join me on this journey and The Glass Petal Co. was born. Together we press, arrange and frame your sentimental flowers hoping that the story of your flowers will live on forever. 

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